Beard Oil


A blend of carrier and essential oils formulated to strengthen your beard and keep it smelling great all day.

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I think one of the best things I ever did for my beard was start using oil in it. My beard has a tendency to get puffy, and to get split ends. There is of course always the itch factor as well. When I started using oil I was using the wrong one, and while it helped keep the puff down, it did little to mitigate the rest. Switching to a proper beard oil was a turning point for me and my beard.

Our blend of carrier and essential oils is designed to help keep your beard soft, tangle free, and healthy. Depending on length and thickness just rub anywhere from 4-12 drops between your hands and massage through your beard and the skin underneath. Then gently comb through with our beard comb to remove any knots. After that massage through some beard balm and comb through to keep your beard right where you want it, all day.

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Spiced Citrus, RootBeer, Black Licorice, Juniper Fir, Bergamint, Unscented