Beard Balm


A unique combination of natural beeswax and oils to help tame your beard and keep it soft. Unscented, so you can use it with any of our scented oils.

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A proper beard oil is a great start for your beard. It’ll help prevent damage when combing it out and the oils will help keep your beard and the skin underneath healthy, which is key.

After that though, it’s time to keep your beard where you want it.. but you won’t want to use any harsh products. A gel or pomade has no place in a beard. A beard balm though, is a combination of some of the same oils in our beard oil but with some extra ingredients, like natural beeswax, to help keep your beard under control for the whole day. Once you’ve combed through your damp beard with some of our oil, massage a small amount of our balm between your hands to warm it up, then massage and comb through with our beard comb, then you’re set for the day.