Kinda neat update here.

So last week was my buddy’s bachelor party. We needed to all pretend like we were busy so he didn’t catch on, so when I got home from work I started working on the bobber and sending updates to look busy.

Notched out the frame and ran a dowel/pin through it to open up the oem frame tube a bit. There were indentations from the factory but they’re in the way of inserting the new tubing into this one so they had to do. Everything went pretty smoothly which is cool. From there I fine tuned the openings to make sure everything will sit straight. Neat.

The next step was to verify I’d be able to do what I wanted to do. So I cut like 2.5″ of unneeded steel off of the bends for those lower tubes and started hitting the end of one with my belt grinder. See, the original plan was to use a metal plug that would fit inside of the tube and inside of the frame, and weld both to the plug and at the seam, but the more I looked at it, the more it seemed like a better idea to just shave some material off of the tube and insert the whole tube in rather than use the plug. It’s lighter, and there’ll be less welding. Should be PLENTY strong. Here is one tube shaved down a bit, only like .020 in diameter removed.

The spot I’m pointing to is about how deep it is. Somewhere around 2.5″ and I’d like to see another 1-1.5″ of penetration (Fat chance, I know). This is still longer than it needs to be though, I just wanted to verify it was gonna do what I wanted it to do. So the next step was to figure out the length.

I mocked it up with it being the full length of what I have.. and you know, I didn’t hate it. It’s definitely too long, but, at this point I’m leaning away from the oem length. I think it needs some stretch..