So I’ve got the lower tubes in the frame and it’s time to start the upper tubes that come down. I was pretty nervous honestly. First thing I wanted to do was mock everything up and make sure I wasn’t doing the wrong thing. By that I mean I liked the wheel placement from some of my mockups but I really wanted to assemble as much as I could to verify that I liked the amount of stretch I was going to be going with before I started cutting too much.

I love it.

Used a pretty precise method (HA) of filing/grinding and holding it up to the frame and marking where it was hitting and then going back at it again. Took a few hours to do both.

Unfortunately on the second one I though I’d save some time and hog off a bunch of material from the start with my belt grinder. I’m an idiot though and it rotated in my hand. So when I went to check it the thing was way off. So dumb. Luckily after hand fitting the thing I avoided tragedy by a little bit. You can see the plane I should be notching this below here, with the plane it’s actually notched lol. Below that you can see the results.

Overall not a huge problem. I can bridge that gap with spot welds before I run a bead over it and it’ll disappear.

Here’s the view from the back. Looks pretty damn good to me!