Unfortunately we are no longer selling products. Thank you to everyone who ordered! It was a great run.

Beard Oil

A blend of carrier and essential oils formulated to help strengthen your beard and keep it smelling great all day.
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Beard Balm

A unique combination of natural beeswax and oils to help keep your beard under control and keep it soft and healthy.
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Coming Soon

I am currently developing a ton of new products using the same eight simple ingredients I always use. Mustache wax, wax pomade, and beard butter are all in the works. Keep an eye on the Facebook and Instagram pages to see when they become available!

My Story – The short version

I’ve had a beard since my junior year of high school. It was poorly kept, poorly groomed, and in general didn’t look good. It looked better than the acne it covered up though, and over the years I learned a little bit at a time about how to maintain it. That was over a decade ago, and after years of learning I decided it was time to share what I know and do my best to keep another high school kid with acne to cover from growing a bad beard. If you take care of your beard then it will take care of you. I can help with that.