Finding your look or your style can take a long time. Even once you find it, it constantly evolves. Sometime around my junior year of high school I become the beard guy, and that never really went away. It’s been short, long, bushy, patchy, and everything in between. One day my wife said I should grow it out, along with my hair.. and man am I glad I did. The beginning was a little ugly but over time I learned how to properly do my hair, and how to properly care for my much longer beard.

I have been experimenting with making beard products for a few years and there have been a lot of failures along the way, well before I had ever even considered selling anything. Now I use everything I sell every single day. I feel confident selling you my products because I’ve use the things you’re buying in box stores and can say with certainty that you’ll be happier with mine. We use eight natural ingredients without any fillers.

Everything in our products has a purpose and you’ll feel the difference when you use it. There are no petroleum products, there’s nothing synthetic, there’s nothing that will clog your pores or irritate your skin. Try us out and feel the difference, you’ll be glad you did.