Why should I use a beard oil?

A beard oil is designed to help moisturize the skin below your beard. The skin under your beard is critical to a healthy beard, so taking care of it should be priority number 1. The vitamin rich oils in beard oil will help keep your skin healthy and prevent itching and dryness. As a bonus, the oil smells great, and it also makes combing your beard easier.

Why should I use a beard balm?

A balm has many of the same nourishing properties as the beard oil, but with the added benefits of wax and butters to help lock in the moisture. If you have an unruly beard, or a beard that can sometimes appear “puffy” or “bushy” then a balm will also help keep it under control. Combing your beard once you have added a balm will help keep the majority of your beard where you want it, and you’ll be free to trim off any fliers to keep things tidy and your beard looking fuller.

Why should I use a beard butter?

A beard butter will be a bit of a compromise between the oil and balm. I would recommend using both of those two products together, but a butter is more of a standalone. A butter uses most of the same ingredients but with the inclusion of water. The water combined with the oils and wax will give you a softer texture that will moisturize and provide hold all at once. The hold won’t be quite as strong, and with the added water you won’t get as many nutrients from the oil, but it’s a great compromise if you want to keep your morning routine simple.

What are your eight ingredients?

Currently the eight ingredients used to make all of our products are Beeswax, Soy Wax, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Arrow Root Powder, and Lanolin. Not all of these ingredients are used in every product, and no product uses all eight, but this is it for us. Compare that with the ingredient list on the products you’ll find in the big box stores.

Why doesn’t my beard look good?

This is a tough question to answer. There’s a lot that goes into it, and once you’ve got it down it’s pretty easy to maintain but getting there can be tough. Your first step is a good barber. Having a barber who knows how to trim and shape your beard for you is the biggest hurdle. Once you’re there, regular upkeep will be important. Edging up the lines regularly and trimming off any stray hairs will help keep your beard looking full and nice. Don’t pull at it, pick at it, and try to keep your hands out of it in general. Of course, using an oil and balm (or a butter!) is critical as well.